Premiere Sales Mastery 
for the Orthodontic Practice
Mastering Your Sales Conversion 
Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Practice
Would you like to...
1. Maximize your new patient exams to your new patient starts ratio?
2. Increase sales without increasing your marketing dollars?  
3. Make sure your TC is a master at sales?
4. Know how to magnatize more of your ideal clients?
4. Create a competition smashing sales process?
If you answered YES, then enroll your sales team into our premiere 2-day intensive sales mastery training so that they can learn how to actually love sales, increase their conversions, and be in control of the entire sales process
Unfortunately too often Treatment Coordinators are not trained, or trained effectively in the art of sales. Most have either climbed up the practice ladder and worked their way into the position or have been hired into the position because they were a "good people person". 
However, when it comes down to it the Treatment Coordinator is THE SALES DEPARTMENT inside your practice. More importantly, if your goal as an owner is to grow your practice, the only way to do so is through sales. So doesn't it make sense that the one person who is most directly in charge of sales should be a sales ninja? One who studies and practice sales psychology, the art of communication, persuasion and influence.
Most TC training is focused on how to be more efficient at presenting a case, but the fact is their efficiency is not as important as their effectiveness the it comes to getting more people to say yes to treatment.
Typical TC training does not help the TC overcome negative money, sales and value issues that are often emotional and energetic blockers in a sale.

Well, all that is going to change!

Welcome to the TC Sales Mastery Training that will finally teach your team members the "art" of sales.

Here's What You Will Learn In This Training:
Part 1
Money Mindset
Understand your personal money beliefs and limiting beliefs around sales.

Determine your money blueprint and how to redesign it.

Part 2
Psychology of Sales
Introduction into the art of persuasion and the psychological gates you need to address before asking for the sale. 

How to overcome objections.
Part 3
Advanced Sales Techniques

Map out a plan to ADD value, not discount prices.

Identify the difference between being aggressive versus assumptive.

Part 4
 Non-Verbal Communication Cues

Learn basic body language skills to build rapport vs. unknowingly sabotaging the sale.

Learn how to "see" their concerns and how-to ask better questions.

Let us help you become a Converting Ninja!
For only $1,497, we will reserve your spot in our May 18-19, 2018 premiere sales mastery training in beautiful Salt Lake City.
(*only $500 each additional team member)

This training also includes TWO follow-up accountability group training calls with our team to ensure the strategies taught are put in place to meet (and exceed) the goals your team set out to achieve.
Here's What People Are Saying...
"...It's the best thing you could possibly do for your practice!"
"I would recommend this to any doctor's office, large or small. There is so much that each individual takes away from this. Not only on the professional level, but on the personal level too. It tells your staff that you are really invested in them."
Tracy Taylor, Office Manager/ TC - Flowery Branch, GA
" We have moved to the next level, which was what we were hoping to see." 
"We have seen the biggest practice growth of my career with having 2017 being up 44% over 2016, which had caused all kinds of new problems for us to solve, that are a lot more FUN than the problems we were having before."
Dr. Keith Kohrs - 
Aurora, CO
"We Crushed it! I would highly recommend Dino."
"Our most recent goal was was to match our all-time goal of 45 starts. The last time we hit that was 2006. We crushed it! We hit 65 total. One of our team members said it best, We just had a different mindset. I would highly recommend Dino."
Dr. Rob Sheffield-
Brentwood, CA
 Seating Is Limited... Register Today For This Unique Training
Schedule and Details
Location: Red Lion Hotel- Salt Lake City (Room block pricing will be available*)
Times: 8am-5pm (Lunch is provided)
Transportation: FREE Hotel Shuttle is Available
*More details will be sent to you via email.

***We encourage all participants to schedule flights for either late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, so they can participate in the entire event.***
We have scheduled the entire event with valuable content that should not be missed. 
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